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What are the main application areas of satellite navigation technology?

The satellite navigation reference industry represented by GPS has gradually become a global high-tech industry, widely used in geographic data collection, surveying and mapping, vehicle monitoring and scheduling, navigation services, aviation and navigation, military, time and synchronization, mechanical control, and mass consumer applications.

5、 Military
The US GPS system was originally built for military purposes and has played an important role in various local wars such as the 1991 Gulf War, the 1995 Bosnian War, the 1998 Desert Fox operation, and the 2003 Allied operation. The application of satellite navigation in military: providing navigation and positioning information for mobile tools such as vehicles, ships, and airplanes; Provide precise guidance for precision guided weapons; Provide positioning services for field or mobile combat forces; Guide the direction of rescue personnel, etc.
6、 Time and synchronization
Each satellite of the satellite navigation system is equipped with the world's most advanced atomic clock, and the navigation satellite transmits time information to all users in need around the world by issuing navigation messages. Wireless communication networks can utilize the time information provided by satellite navigation for management, identification, and synchronization between multiple frequencies; The time information of power equipment and network usage is used as a time benchmark, marked with time, and also serves as a universal reference for monitoring and control of all systems.
7、 Mechanical control
The application of satellite navigation technology has promoted the development process of automation and industrialization in the mechanical industry. Machinery controlled by satellite navigation technology can be used in the construction system of wave resistant seawalls; Road and bridge construction system; Channel dredging system; Excavation of open-pit mines, railways, and highway tunnels; Precision agriculture, etc.
8、 Consumer applications
Entertainment, human/animal tracking, vehicle tracking, in car navigation systems, and communication applications are consumer applications. Compared to professional applications, consumer applications have greater development potential due to their wide consumer base.
Terminals with satellite navigation systems have become the preferred equipment for outdoor entertainment in activities such as mountaineering, wilderness exploration, cross-country skiing, car rally, self driving tourism, crossing deserts and primitive forests. In addition, the entertainment platform formed by combining satellite navigation modules with multimedia entertainment units can provide various location-based gaming modes.
The application of satellite navigation technology in human/animal tracking has facilitated the monitoring of the elderly, children, and other special groups in need of protection; Real time information such as the movement trajectory and habits of the monitored animals can be obtained.
Communication devices that combine satellite navigation functions can provide users with all the navigation and positioning services they need, such as information and navigation services, emergency assistance, tracking services, network related services, etc. This will be a leap in the communication industry.