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    Welcome you come to KaiTuo Precise Instrument Co., Ltd (KT), KT is based on the quartz flexible accelerometer, KT is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing and testing and serving precision mechanism & precision electron technologies. 

    KT's current product lines include normal Accelerometer and high range (70g) Accelerometer and mini Accelerometer and high-precision Accelerometer and others special Accelerometer. We can produce 3000 pieces accelerometers in one year.

    KT has the technologies of Accelerometer & gyro's stability test systems and fixtures' R&D and manufacturing and testing and serving, and has the technologies of high-precision I/F cards and servo cards for gyro and power converter cards' R&D and manufacturing and testing and serving.

    KT's Power Converter has low noise and high credibility and high stability's characteristic KT's Accelerometer Test System and Gyro Test system are good using. The high Precise Hexahedron and Centrifuge are all very good.

2011-10,KT Design high temperature Accelerometer, this type can use in 180 degree. Most using in oil well meter.

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