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Improvement of MEMS accelerometer performance
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Improvement of MEMS accelerometer performance
图1. 新型高频加速度计的噪声谱密度图

Performance and comparison data

To evaluate whether the latest MEMS accelerometer is suitable for state monitoring applications, we compared it with a commercial PZT state monitoring accelerometer. To ensure that the two sensors have the same mass and are subject to the same excitation signal, we attach the MEMS sensor to the outer shell of the PZT sensor. Like the PZT sensor, the single-supply analog output of the MEMS accelerometer is directly input to the analog input channel of the same data recorder. A data acquisition instrument (DAQ) is used as an acquisition system for these experiments.

Motor misalignment simulation

A real scene is reconstructed on the vibration tester, such as the scene described in vibration-based state monitoring, to compare devices using known excitation signals. This example shows the vibration level of a 5100 rpm (85 Hz) steam turbine and a misaligned 3000 rpm (50 Hz) synchronous generator. This scenario illustrates the frequency and amplitude of the vibration system programmed in random vibration test mode. Table 1 shows the amplitude measurement results of two devices at target frequencies.


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